Launch of Design Competition for Thorpe St Andrew

Parks Enhancement Project

Friends of Thorpe St Andrew Parks are excited to say that we are now looking for Landscape Architects to share their inspiring visions for our recreational spaces in Thorpe St Andrew.

The aim of this project is to maximise the full potential of both Laundry Lane and Dusssindale parks for present and future users. We are very excited by the prospect of working with a Landscape Architect to re-design the recreational facilities. At the heart of our brief is the feedback that we have received from members of the community and we are looking for designs that address these fully.

The competition is open to Landscape Architects within the East of England.

After an initial expression of interest, candidates will be required to produce a written vision and if shortlisted, create a master plan. Only one master plan will be chosen and awarded £3000 prize money alongside publicity opportunities.

Thorpe St Andrew is continually growing and we want to ensure that the parks are inspiring, imaginative and enjoyable spaces for the whole community. We really hope that the master plans we receive will reflect this.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and provided us with feedback, we are now looking forward to this next stage of enhancing our parks.

Enquiries can be made via Thorpe St Andrew Town Council on 01603 701048. Submissions for the first stage of the competition must be received by noon on 2nd June 2014.


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