Friends of Thorpe St Andrew Parks has been created by a group of local parents.  With the full support of the Town Council (who own the recreational spaces), the Friends aim to develop the parks at Laundry Lane and Dussindale for the enjoyment of the whole community.

  • Phase 1            Public Consultation

This 3 month consultation will run until 30th  June 2013.

This phase is now complete.

  • Phase 2           Analysing the Data

The feedback from the questionnaires will enable the Friends and Town Council to make a development plan, to include both recreational facilities.

The outcome resulted in the Parks at Laundry Lane and Dussindale being re-designed by local Landscape Architect, Lara Hall (Greenplan).  We now have a fabulous Master Plan to work towards!

  • Phase 3          Apply for Funding

The development plan will prioritise which improvements will be implemented first and funding sought accordingly.

We are currently applying for funding to begin work on the recreational spaces – improvements will be implemented as part of a phased approach.  The more successful we are with funding, the more changes we can make!!

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